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12/21/2009 4:34:26 PM - Modern Democracies Are Flawed - Part II

Mere weeks after I noted that the political structure of modern democracies is completely dysfunctional (in my "Universal Health Care Financing Problem Solved" blog), along comes Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska to irrefutably prove my point.

One of Nelson's primary concerns - the reason why he wasn't voting for ObamaCare in the first place - was because of the increased Medicaid (which is shared by both federal and state governments) expenditures that would pummel Nebraska residents if ObamaCare is enacted into law. the spirit of "what's best for Nebraska, but certainly not the country", Nelson struck a deal whereupon the federal government would cover ALL additional Medicaid expenditures for Nebraska FOREVER.

Well, that's great if you live in Nebraska, but I'd like to raise three salient points.

First, what if you live in one of the other 49 states? Not only are you going to be paying wildly more for medical care in the future (assuming you're one of those people that will actually pay, and not one of the millions of freeloaders that will simply be given something for nothing) but you're going to be paying more in federal taxes to subsidize medical care in Nebraska. Well, that's just brilliant...assuming, of course, your intention is to crater the economy and drive many of the nation's brightest and most ambitious to other countries. Personally, the Bahamas are starting to look pretty good to me. No property tax, no income tax, and no inane "Universal Health Care".

Second, does anyone (with an IQ north of 87) actually believe that when the "individual" (whether it be a state, a city, a minority group, an individual, etc.) seeks to pull as much from the "collective" as possible so that they "get" more than they "give", that efficient, intelligent, and fair laws are the result? Of course not. It's no different with our political system. Whereas Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declares such sweetheart deals as "business as usual" and the "way that legislation is crafted" (and it is), it's also an unbelievably short-sighted, incompetent, inefficient, and unfair way to legislate.

Lastly, why would Nelson vote for something that he believes to be bad for his state (and therefore all states) as long as his state gets a free pass? Doesn't he realize that the legislation will eventually wreak so much havok on the other 49 states - exactly what he was concerned about with Nebraska - that, one way or another, the mayhem will eventually find its way back to Nebraska (in the form of increased federal taxes, higher unemployment, etc.)? In the end, it's one of two things: he either doesn't care, or he's simply not bright enough to grasp the obvious. Either way, it's a damning indictment of the types of people that routinely seize the reins of modern democracies.

Do I expect lawmakers to do better? No. Personally, I think they're all idiots and in it for themselves. That's one of the reasons why, as I noted weeks ago, I don't really believe in modern democracies. I think that they're fatally flawed. I don't think that governments presiding over hundreds of millions of people will ever be intelligently managed, efficient, or fair. The Greeks had it right. City-States - and no larger.

- TZ

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