Purchase Process Explanation

Our games are only sold electronically. This means that after you purchase one of our games, you'll be sent an access code via email. When you run the game, press the "Register" button and enter the information that was sent to you. The game will be automatically authorized and you can immediately continue from where you left off.

You should normally receive the email containing your registration information within 10 minutes or less, but on rare occasions the process may take up to a few hours. If you do not receive your information within 12 hours, please send us an email and we'll quickly resolve the issue. You may also wish to check and ensure that the email was not intercepted by any spam-filtering software, especially if you're using an AOL or Hotmail email address.

We offer two types of licenses for our products. The full versions are usually priced in the $20 range and allow complete access to the game forever. Rentals can also be purchased for some of our titles and allow complete access for a limited period of time.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions or problems.

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